50th Underground Motor Grader

Elphinstone is excited and proud to announce the sale of the 50th underground motor grader designed and manufactured at the company’s world-class facilities in Burnie, Tasmania.

In 2017 Elphinstone identified an opportunity to expand their growing range of underground support vehicles by introducing the UG20K and UG20M haul road maintenance machines based on the Caterpillar 120K and 120M surface grader platforms. 

Elphinstone graders are currently operating in Argentina, Canada, Chile, the Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Kazakstan, Mali, Mexico, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tanzania and the USA.

UG20M Underground Motor Grader

Three UG20M Underground Motor Graders delivered to Cavpower in South Australia

Elphinstone is very pleased to be delivering three UG20M Underground Motor Graders to a valued customer through Cavpower South Australia. The Elphinstone UG20M Motor Grader can significantly reduce operational costs and increase productivity by maintaining haul roads. The UG20M can be optioned with various features to suit specific applications. For more information visit – elphinstone.com/elphinstone-underground-graders/


WR810 Agitator 7m³

WR810 Agitator 6m³

WR810 Delivery

WR810 Water Cannon

WR810 Fuel & Lube

WR810 Scissor Lift

UG20M Motor Grader

UG20K Motor Grader

WR820 Agitator 10m³

WR820 Agitator 8m³

WR820 Water Tank

W35 Water Tank Module

3900 Haulmax Series

Mine Extraction Device (MED)