E15 Agitator 7m3

Two E15 Agitators dispatched to Ernest Henry Mine

Elphinstone is excited to have recently dispatched two E15 Agitators to Evolution Mining’s Ernest Henry Mine through Hastings Deering QLD.

Headlining series, the new E15 Agitator 7m3 is built to thrive in harsh underground hard rock mining conditions. Specialising in the transport of shotcrete or concrete for backfilling voids, the Agitator features outstanding ride and handling at full capacity improving cycle times and increasing productivity. Capable of onboard mixing during transit and loading via the chutes or conveyor.

Pink and blue agitator bowls raise cancer awareness

The standout feature on the Ernest Henry machines is the pink and blue 7m3 agitator bowls, detailed with ribbons to raise awareness for Breast and Prostate Cancer.

Since 2019, Evolution has been making a difference by supporting innovative uses of gold for medical research. We committed $1 million over three years to support the University of Queensland’s Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology to develop the Immunostorm chip – a novel diagnostic device with gold nanoparticles that tests blood to rapidly detect cancer cells in the human body. This chip has the potential to enable early diagnosis for all cancer types and improve survival rates.

To learn more, visit the following link – Cancer warning diagnostics using Evolution Gold.

The E15 Series

Built to thrive in harsh underground (hard rock) mining conditions, the first machines to be released include the E15 Agitator 7m3 (pictured), E15 Delivery (includes 8.8TM crane), E15 Flat Deck, E15 Water Tank, and E15 Fuel & Lube with additional models in development.

At 2.4m high, the front-mounted operator cabin features 3-person seating, climate-controlled air conditioning, ergonomic central driving position with a clear 180-degree view, and a dial controller for the retarder, speed and implement controls.

Operator comfort and convenience are enhanced further with an air-cooled compartment for lunch box storage, cupholders and smartphone charging ports.

An A-frame front axle suspension, combined with the oscillating hitch and air-suspended seats, delivers a high level of machine comfort to the operator and passengers. The oscillating hitch ensures 4-wheel ground contact and reduced wear on the hitch and steering components. Nitrogen-charged hydraulic suspension cylinders and A-frame provide superior front axle ride quality over rough terrain.

Shared by the E15 and E10 range, the engine front frame can accommodate optional Cat C7.1 Tier 3 or Tier 4 Final engine arrangements featuring Caterpillar’s breakthrough ACERT™ Technology to meet exhaust emission reduction standards.

Follow the link to find out more about the new E15 Agitator 7m3

Thank you to Evolution Mining’s Ernest Henry Mine for choosing Elphinstone equipment and Hastings Deering for your ongoing support.

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