Motor Graders (M)

The Elphinstone UG20M Underground Motor Grader utilizes the Cat® 120M2 (Tier 4) base machine. The UG20M grader has all the modern features of the M series Motor Grader, but is modified by Elphinstone specifically for underground mining.

Motor Graders (K)

The Elphinstone UG20K Underground Motor Grader utilizes the Cat® 120K2 (Tier 3) base machine with custom modifications designed for underground conditions. Offering multiple cab configurations, the UG20K offers a safe, comfortable and efficient solution for your underground road maintenance.

Elphinstone UG20M Grader

Elphinstone Underground Grader M Series

Elphinstone UG20K Grader

Elphinstone Underground Grader K Series