Simulated Work Environment (SWE)

Elphinstone SWE

The Elphinstone SWE is one of only three Lean training facilities of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, and the only facility in Australia. The facility is located in the
Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council’s Manufacturing Centre of Excellence in Burnie, Tasmania.

Lean Production System

The SWE is an interactive training system used to promote Lean Production System principles and enhance continuous improvement initiatives.

This well proven training tool will actively demonstrate the benefits of Lean methodologies such as Put Safety First, Chase Waste, Make Value Flow, Drive Standard Work, Go See Act, Stop To Fix and Make It Visual… just to name a few.

Increase Productivity

Through effective teamwork and communication, the SWE will demonstrate how collaboration can assist a team to become significantly more productive and cost effective, while improving quality and reducing safety related issues.

Using Elphinstone Production System (EPS) methodologies, the principles and practices learned during the hands on training sessions can be transferred to all work environments and team members - from the workshop to the office to the hospitality industry!   Every employee in every organisation will benefit from the learnings facilitated by the SWE, regardless of position or seniority.

No Prior Training Required

While based on Lean Management Principles, it is not necessary to have completed any prior training in Lean to benefit from the full range of learning outcomes generated by the SWE.

What is the SWE?

The SWE is an interactive training system used to promote Lean Production System principles and enhance continuous improvement initiatives.

  • Team building.
  • Effective communication.
  • Cross functional collaboration.
  • Productive planning.
  • Leading effective teams.
  • Continuous improvement initiatives, including 5S.
  • One piece flow production systems.
  • Identify and reduce waste.
  • Value stream mapping.
  • Root cause analysis.
  • Supply chain effectiveness.
  • Reduce process variability.
  • Develop people and teams.
  • Active listening and idea generation.
  • Identifying and setting performance targets.
  • Acting decisively.


  • Can we book the SWE as a private team building session?
    Yes. In fact it is encouraged. (17 participants required).
  • Who is the training suitable for?
    Anyone and everyone.
  • Are there any prerequisites?
    A willingness to learn.
  • How much does it cost?
    Talk to us regarding charges that may apply to your organisation.
  • When can i start?
    Tomorrow seems like a great choice.
  • How do i book?

Lean Leader 3 Day Training Options

Non-Accredited Training

Using the Elphinstone Production System (EPS), Lean principles and practices learnt during this hands on, interactive, one day learning experience, can immediately be transferred to all work environments and includes;

  • Leading effective teams.
  • Visual management.
  • Flow process analysis.
  • Model change scenario.
  • Improvement validation.

Nationally Recognised Training

The three day onsite training provides additional understanding of the full suite of Lean tools and their implementation into your organisation. Through the training and assessments provided on behalf of the People Improvers (RTO ID 45208), participants can achieve the following nationally recognised units of competency;

  • MSS403014 Facilitate Team Engagement with Competitive Systems and Practices.
  • MSS403081 Ensure Process Improvements are sustained.
  • MSS403026 Work within a constrained process.

These units of competency may provide Credit Transfer (CT) and/or Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) for other related courses.