Eliminate unsafe extractions with the proven Elphinstone Mine Extraction Device (MED)

The Elphinstone Mine Extraction Device (MED) has been designed, manufactured and engineer certified with a pulling capacity of up to 360 Tonnes. Developed for the extraction of bogged or buried underground equipment. Elphinstone is the OEM and owns the intellectual property.

The Elphinstone MED has performed hundreds of safe, efficient and successful extractions at a number of underground mining operations (both coal and hard rock) across Australia.

Minimises disruptions to mining operations

Mining operations can continue relatively uninterrupted during the extraction process with the Elphinstone MED.

The Elphinstone MED eliminates traditional recovery methods that result in production disruptions when other mining equipment (LHDs and or trucks) is used to conduct the recovery.

By using the MED, production equipment does not experience any damage, wear and tear plus the hazards associated with personnel working around mobile equipment in close quarters are reduced significantly.

Insurance support for proven system

The unique retrieval system has the support of numerous insurance companies with the recognition that if this system cannot retrieve a buried loader then the loader is not retrievable.

Available in three pulling capacities

The MED is available in 150-tonne, 210-tonne, and 360-tonne capacities. The MED150, MED210, and MED360 were developed in line with industry growth. In addition to the retrieval of buried equipment, the higher capacity models are also capable of extracting drill rods embedded in the rock face.

'Puller' Capabilities and Specifications

Features Include:

  • Pulling capacity of up to 360 Tonnes.
  • The extendable boom allows use in a range of underground operations.
  • Easy to tow into place and set up.
  • Operating pressure 140 Bar, flow rate of 6-70 litres per minute.
  • Control pedestal and pilot valve.
  • Optional remote control.
  • Winch to assist rack positioning.
  • Cranes to assist in positioning racks (MED360 only).