45 years in the mining industry

Elphinstone Pty Ltd is an authorised Caterpillar OEM and advanced manufacturer of quality products for the global underground, surface mining and rail maintenance industries. The product range includes specialised underground support vehicles, extended distance off-highway haulage trucks, and technologically advanced road-rail excavators and rail maintenance equipment.

The Elphinstone® range of underground support vehicles includes agitators, motor graders, personnel carriers, delivery trucks, service trucks, water cannons, water tanks, and other specialised support equipment. The Haulmax® 3900 series truck is purpose-built for an extended distance, off-highway, surface mining applications and is available in three separate configurations including ore haulage, service, or water cart applications. It can also be configured as a 160-tonne low-bed float. The Railmax RMT15F Road-Rail vehicle is based on the Cat 315F hydraulic excavator and is fitted with a certified Railmax® rail guidance system to meet industry demands for safety, compliance, and innovation.

The company, based in Tasmania Australia, continues to support, and rely upon the specialised design, engineering, and manufacturing knowledge of the skilled local workforce. This highly capable and advanced manufacturing supply chain has steadily evolved over its 45 plus year association with the global mining industry.

Drone footage of Building O (Ormsby Street) Facility: State of the art, single flow, multi model manufacturing facility.

Elphinstone Pty Ltd Terra Nova Facility
Building O (Ormsby Street) Facility: State of the art, single flow, multi model manufacturing facility for all of our CAT OEM products including our range of Elphinstone underground support vehicles, Haulmax 3900 off highway trucks and Railmax Road Rail Excavators.

Elphinstone Pty Ltd Wilson St Facility
Building W (Wilson Street) Facility: Research and New Product Development. Warehousing and Logistics.

Elphinstone Pty Ltd Terra Nova Facility
Building S and Building H (Terra Nova Drive) Facilities: Dedicated stainless steel manufacturing facilities.

Elphinstone and Caterpillar Testing Facility
Elphinstone/Caterpillar Burnie Proving Ground.