Elphinstone Haulmax 3900 Chassis

First Elphinstone Haulmax 3900 delivered in 2008

In 2007, Elphinstone invested in Haulmax extended haul trucks and relocated the business from Brisbane to Tasmania. On December 11 2008, the first Haulmax 3900 truck was shipped to a valued customer in Western Australia and fitted with a Narwhal fuel and lube rig.
In 2014, Elphinstone purchased the remaining shares of Haulmax Pty Ltd to become 100% owners.
In 2021, the Haulmax 3900 continues to impress with expanding fleets worldwide. Elphinstone’s most recent Haulmax order will be the 30th truck fitted with SVA (Service Vehicle Australia) service modules and delivered into Western Australia. The machine is the 18th unit purchased by the customer, and the 61st Haulmax delivered within Australia. The customers’ first unit, commissioned into service on November 22 2012, is now approaching 50,000hrs and still going strong.