Dale Elphinstone, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Dale Elphinstone

Executive Chairman and Founder

Dale Elphinstone has never been afraid of a challenge. He often tells people “We did it because we didn’t know we couldn’t”.

Dale's relationship with Caterpillar began in 1966 at 15 as an apprentice with Victorian and Tasmanian Cat Dealer, William Adams. He then was employed as a Field Service Mechanic across Tasmanian and King Island mine sites and later worked for Canadian Cat Dealer, Finning for 2 years.

Now, just 40 years later, Dale has established Elphinstone as a recognised Cat OEM, manufacturing Haulmax 3900 series off-highway haul trucks, Railmax RMT15F road-rail excavators and Elphinstone underground support vehicles.

Kelly Elphinstone, Non-Executive Director

Kelly Elphinstone

Non-Executive Director

Kelly is an Executive Director of the Elphinstone Group, a private, family-owned global enterprise which today consists of ten operating businesses and substantial property and equity portfolios.

Involved with the Elphinstone Group for over 30 years, Kelly is either a Director or the Chair on the Boards of all operating businesses within her responsibility, including ASX-listed company Engenco Limited.

Kelly also maintains the Group’s Government relations.

Outside of the Elphinstone Group, Kelly is a Member of the Young President’s Organisation (YPO) and Chief Executive Women (CEW).

Kelly is also a Director of the Tasmanian Mining, Manufacturing and Energy Council and a member of the Tasmanian Defence Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC).

Warren Young, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Warren Young

Managing Director

Warren commenced his career with Dale B Elphinstone Pty Ltd (Underground Mining) in January 1989 as a cadet, combining on the job experience with Mechanical Engineering studies.

The company continued to expand globally as Warren worked extensively in research, development, and design, culminating in a Senior Management oversight role for several years prior to the sale of the business to Caterpillar Inc. in 2000.

Continuing with the Elphinstone Group, Warren was appointed the role of Managing Director at William Adams Caterpillar, combining considerable leadership experience and engineering knowledge in heavy equipment applications.

In February 2021, Warren was appointed Managing Director of Elphinstone Pty Ltd, overseeing the company’s product development, sales, and manufacturing activities. Warren holds several Elphinstone Group Directorships including the oversight of Phu Thai Cat, the Caterpillar Dealer in Vietnam.