Dale Elphinstone, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Dale Elphinstone

Executive Chairman and Founder

Dale Elphinstone has never been afraid of a challenge. In fact he often tells people “we did it because we didn’t know we couldn’t”.

Dale's relationship with Caterpillar began in 1966 at the age of 15 as an apprentice with Victorian and Tasmanian Cat Dealer, William Adams. He then went on to be employed as a Field Service Mechanic across Tasmanian and King Island mine sites and later worked for Canadian Cat Dealer, Finning for a period of 2 years.

Now, just 40 short years later, Dale has established Elphinstone as a recognised Cat OEM, manufacturing Haulmax 3900 series off highway haul trucks, Railmax RMT15F road-rail excavators and Elphinstone underground support vehicles.

Kelly Elphinstone, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Kelly Elphinstone

Managing Director

Kelly Elphinstone is the daughter of Dale and Cheryl Elphinstone, founding owners of the Elphinstone Group of companies.  Her career began in 1993 at the age of 13, when she commenced working for her parents in their first business, Dale B Elphinstone Pty Ltd.

In 2014, Kelly accepted the position of Managing Director at Elphinstone Pty Ltd (formerly Haulmax).  She is responsible for overseeing the consolidation of the Group’s Tasmanian manufacturing entities and the company’s return to the global underground mining industry.

Kelly is passionate about Australian manufacturing and the significant role Tasmania is able to play in growing this industry.

Ben Sandow General Manager Elphinstone

Ben Sandow

General Manager of Operations

Ben holds tertiary qualifications in Engineering and Business Management, and has over 20 years of experience in Operations Management, Project Management and Engineering across a range of industries. He has had broad experience with Lean methodologies, and the benefits these can bring to the wider business.

Ben joined Elphinstone in 2018 as General Manager of Operations, overseeing all operational aspects of the business.

Tim Mitchell, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Tim Mitchell

Global Sales and Marketing Manager

Tim holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has over 20 years of experience in Senior Management, Project Management, Engineering and Business Development roles in the mobile mining equipment industry. Tim’s broad level of experience will bring benefits to many areas of the business and his international experience working in South America will assist Elphinstone in the development of our business in this mining rich region.

Tim joined Elphinstone in March 2019 as Global Sales and Marketing Manager, overseeing all sales and marketing aspects of the business.

Jason Whiteley, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Jason Whiteley

Product Development Manager

Jason is a trade qualified Fitter & Machinist, with 30 years experience. Since joining Elphinstone in 2009 as Product Manager, Jason has also fulfilled the role of NPI Manager.

In his current position as Product Development Manager - Surface Products, Jason took the Railmax hi-rail vehicle from concept stage right through to production. He has played a key role developing various surface and underground concepts into working prototype / test products.

Scott Hilder, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Scott Hilder

Operations Manager – Wynyard

Scott holds a Masters of Business and is a 6 Sigma Blackbelt.  He commenced with Dale B Elphinstone Pty Ltd in 1995 and continued with the company fulfilling various roles through the transition of ownership to Caterpillar.

In 2009 Scott commenced with Southern Prospect Pty Ltd joining a small team involved in servicing wind turbines in South Australia.  Scott joined Specialised Vehicle Solutions Pty Ltd (now part of Elphinstone Pty Ltd) manufacturing specialised underground mining machinery servicing both local and international mining companies for a period of approximately 2 years commencing in 2011.

Returning to Southern Prospect Pty Ltd (now part of Elphinstone Pty Ltd) as the General Manager Operations in 2013, Scott has focused on successfully implementing a continuous improvement culture within the manufacturing business to improve safety, quality and reduce non value added waste.

Tania Smith, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Tania Smith

Finance & Administration Manager

Tania began her career in 1992 as the Receptionist with Dale B Elphinstone Pty Ltd.  Tania joined Southern Prospect Pty Ltd, now part of Elphinstone Pty Ltd, when it commenced in 2006.  In 2016 Tania was appointed as the Finance and Administration Manager for Elphinstone’s Tasmanian manufacturing entities.

Tania has a Bachelor Degree in Commerce.  She has been a member of CPA Australia for over 10 years and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  In 2016, Tania completed a Graduate Certificate in Lean Management Systems at the University of Tasmania.

Nigel Robotham, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Nigel Robotham

Operations Manager – Wivenhoe

Nigel Robotham started his working life in 1993 as an apprentice Fitter & Turner with Dale B. Elphinstone Pty Ltd (now Caterpillar Underground Mining). Nigel completed his apprenticeship and became a Team Leader of the machining process, implementing small CNC machines, then the large CNC floor type borer. Nigel then successfully completed his 6 Sigma Black Belt training and moved into a full time position as a 6 Sigma Black Belt managing projects.

In 2007 Nigel completed training in the Caterpillar Production System where he applied Lean manufacturing methodologies to complete major projects for a one-piece flow assembly line with sub-assemblies feeding the main line. In 2011 Nigel moved into a Group Manager’s role with Caterpillar Underground Mining in the assembly process, looking after more than 100 employees and the main assembly line. Nigel has a passion for Lean manufacturing and the Continuous Improvement process, discovering new ways of working more efficiently and “chasing waste” in every process.

Upon the closure of Caterpillar’s production facilities in Burnie, Tasmania and after 25 years of experience, Nigel returned to work for Elphinstone in April 2016. Since this time, Nigel has been responsible for overseeing the refurbishment of our world-class one-piece-flow manufacturing facility at Wivenhoe, of which Nigel is now the Operations Manager.

Mal Watkinson, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Mal Watkinson

Product Support Manager

Mal began his career in 1987 with the Caterpillar Dealer for Victoria and Tasmania, William Adams Pty Ltd. Over the last 30 years Mal has continued his strong association with Caterpillar and the Elphinstone Group, successfully holding roles in product health/support, product development, manufacturing, marketing and management.

Before returning to Elphinstone in June 2016, Mal was 50% owner and Managing Director of a private business that designed, manufactured and marketed underground service vehicles, which now continue to form part of the Elphinstone Underground Support Vehicle product line today. In 2017 Mal took on the role of Product Development and Operations Manager - Underground Support Vehicles, responsible for the development and manufacture of our range of underground support vehicles..

UG20M Motor Grader

Elphinstone UG20M Motor Grader on its way to Mongolia

We’re proud of our engineering and manufacturing team who have worked around the clock to produce our first fit for purpose UG20M Motor Grader. The grader was custom built to the clients specifications and started its journey to Mongolia late September 2018. A symphony of LED cabin lights and assorted cabin features exemplify Elphinstones commitment to operator comfort and safety.

Elphinstone MTT Bus Unveilling

Elphinstone unveils first of 100 new MTT buses

Metro Tasmania’s first new bus rolls off the production line at Elphinstone’s Southern Prospect plant. The first of Metro Tasmania’s 100 new buses rolled out for its first showing on Thursday at Elphinstone’s Southern Prospect plant near Wynyard. The sleek vehicle, kitted out in Metro livery and surrounded by the engineers, was welcomed by Infrastructure Minister Jeremy Rockliff.

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Elphinstone SWE

Elphinstone Simulated Work Environment (SWE)

Elphinstone SWE

The Elphinstone SWE is one of only three Lean training facilities of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, and the only facility in Australia. The facility is located in the
Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council’s Manufacturing Centre of Excellence in Burnie, Tasmania.

Lean Production System

The SWE is an interactive training system used to promote Lean Production System principles and enhance continuous improvement initiatives.

This well proven training tool will actively demonstrate the benefits of Lean methodologies such as Put Safety First, Chase Waste, Make Value Flow, Drive Standard Work, Go See Act, Stop To Fix and Make It Visual… just to name a few.

Increase Productivity

Through effective teamwork and communication, the SWE will demonstrate how collaboration can assist a team to become significantly more productive and cost effective, while improving quality and reducing safety related issues.

Using Elphinstone Production System (EPS) methodologies, the principles and practices learned during the hands on training sessions can be transferred to all work environments and team members - from the workshop to the office to the hospitality industry!   Every employee in every organisation will benefit from the learnings facilitated by the SWE, regardless of position or seniority.

No Prior Training Required

While based on Lean Management Principles, it is not necessary to have completed any prior training in Lean to benefit from the full range of learning outcomes generated by the SWE.

What is the SWE?

The SWE is an interactive training system used to promote Lean Production System principles and enhance continuous improvement initiatives.

  • Team building.
  • Effective communication.
  • Cross functional collaboration.
  • Productive planning.
  • Leading effective teams.
  • Continuous improvement initiatives, including 5S.
  • One piece flow production systems.
  • Identify and reduce waste.
  • Value stream mapping.
  • Root cause analysis.
  • Supply chain effectiveness.
  • Reduce process variability.
  • Develop people and teams.
  • Active listening and idea generation.
  • Identifying and setting performance targets.
  • Acting decisively.


  • Can we book the SWE as a private team building session?
    Yes. In fact it is encouraged. (17 participants required).
  • Who is the training suitable for?
    Anyone and everyone.
  • Are there any prerequisites?
    A willingness to learn.
  • How much does it cost?
    Talk to us regarding charges that may apply to your organisation.
  • When can i start?
    Tomorrow seems like a great choice.
  • How do i book?

Lean Leader 1 and 3 Day Training Options

1 Day Training (8 Hours)

Using the Elphinstone Production System (EPS), Lean principles and practices learnt during this hands on, interactive, one day learning experience, can immediately be transferred to all work environments and includes;

  • Leading effective teams.
  • Visual management.
  • Flow process analysis.
  • Model change scenario.
  • Improvement validation.
3 Day Training

The three day onsite training provides additional understanding of the full suite of Lean tools and their implementation into your organisation. Through the training and assessments provided on behalf of the Australian Maritime College (RTOID 60131), participants can achieve accreditation for competencies;

  • MSS403011 Facilitate the Implementation of Competitive Systems and Practices.
  • MSS403002 Ensure Process Improvements are Sustained.
  • MSS403024 Work within a Constrained Process.

All of which can be claimed for Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) for other related courses.


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Our History

From humble beginnings

Dale Elphinstone has never been afraid of a challenge.  In fact he often tells people “we did it because we didn’t know we couldn’t”.

Since modifying Cat surface mining equipment to suit underground applications out of his Fathers shed on their Mooreville Road, Burnie farm in 1975, the Elphinstone name has been synonymous with underground mining.

Elphinstone’s first fully designed and manufactured underground mining product was a 13 tonne articulated dump truck, which was sold to Agnew Mining in 1983.  Three years later, in 1986, the first Elphinstone designed and manufactured underground load haul dump (LHD), the R1500, was sold.  One short year thereafter, in 1987, the Company exported its first machine overseas to the Henderson molybdenum mine in Clear Creek County, Colorado.

The Caterpillar OEM continued to develop and refine their underground mining equipment range, which led to their specialisation in LHDs and articulated dump and ejector trucks.   All products were built around Cat components and sold via Cat Dealers globally.

Between the years of 1975 and 1995, Elphinstone had delivered underground mining machines to over 50 locations around Australia and more than 35 global export sites across 5 continents.

Elphinstone’s success quickly drew the greater attention of Caterpillar and the two parties established a 50/50 joint venture in 1995, creating the business known as Caterpillar Elphinstone Pty Ltd.  Five short years later, Caterpillar exercised their option to purchase the remaining 50% of the business in 2000 and eventually replaced the Elphinstone name with the world famous Caterpillar trademark.

Not that Caterpillar has ever been far removed from the Elphinstone story.

Dale Elphinstone’s relationship with Caterpillar began in 1966 at the age of 15 as an apprentice with Victorian and Tasmanian Cat Dealer, William Adams. Following his trade qualification came employment as a Field Service Mechanic across Tasmanian and King Island mine sites, and for a period of two years, with Canadian Cat Dealer, Finning.

Some 20 years after commencing his apprenticeship with the Cat Dealer, Dale's progressive thinking and entrepreneurialism enabled him to realise his life long dream of becoming a Cat Dealer Principal - cemented with his 1987 purchase of the same Victorian and Tasmanian dealership, William Adams.

Now, just 40 short years later, Elphinstone is once again a recognised Cat OEM, manufacturing Haulmax 3900 series off highway haul trucks, Railmax RMT14D road-rail excavators and Elphinstone underground support vehicles.

Together, Elphinstone and Caterpillar have manufactured more than 5000 underground and surface mining vehicles from their collective facilities in Burnie over the past 40 years.

Elphinstone Pty Ltd History
Above left: 1975 - Dale commences working out of his dad's shed.
Above right: 1976 -  Dale's first house and workshop.

Elphnstone Pty Ltd History
Above left: 1977 - Dale B Elphinstone P/L first employee photo.
Above right: 1982 -  "Real engineering".

Elphinstone Pty Ltd History
Above left: 1983 - AD13/17 the first Elphinstone designed and manufactured underground articulated dump truck.
Above right: 1986 - R1500 LHD the first Elphinstone designed and manufactured underground loader.

R2900 LHD
Above: R2900 LHD

Elphinstone Defence Portfolio

Diversifying into the global defence market

Elphinstone Pty Ltd (Elphinstone) is a leading Australian manufacturer of quality heavy vehicles, traditionally for the global underground mining, surface mining and rail maintenance industries.  Most recently however, Elphinstone has diversified into Defence, seeking to recognise the significant synergies that exist between heavy mining vehicle manufacture and the unique requirements of the global Defence market, particularly with regard to land vehicles. 

Elphinstone possesses significant heavy manufacturing capability within world-class facilities and believes these assets could add considerable value to the Australian Defence Industry portfolio.

Encouraging a culture of innovation

Elphinstone are an established Caterpillar OEM with over 40 years’ heavy manufacturing experience, and exemplify Lean principles by encouraging a culture of innovation, waste reduction and continuous improvement.  An experienced, in-house product development team ensures innovation and technology remain the cornerstone of the business.  From on board vehicle management and remote machine health monitoring systems, to the development of comprehensive vehicle support literature, Elphinstone Pty Ltd provide an end-to-end design and advanced manufacturing solution. 

During the recent Land400 Phase 2 program, Elphinstone were fortunate to be an integral part of Team Sentinel as the potential contract manufacturer of the ST Kinetics Terrex 3 8x8 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle.  While Team Sentinel were unable to progress to RMA, Elphinstone continue to liaise with Government, Defence and the selected OEMs to demonstrate the capacity and capability that exists in Australia to manufacture military vehicles on home soil.

Elphinstone Group (Aust) Pty Ltd – Parent Entity

The Elphinstone Group’s diversified portfolio of business interests include several ongoing relationships with a number of current Defence Primes. These relationships extend across all facets of Defence, both at land and sea.

Several Elphinstone Group entities are certified suppliers to a range of Defence programs including the Collins Class submarines, the Bushmaster fleet, and the range of forklifts and elevated work platforms supplied through United Equipment.  Please see Table 1 below for further detail.

 EPSA supply of Cat engines to Thales Australia for the Bushmaster vehicle

Team Sentinel Tender: Localisation of the ST Kinetics Terrex 3 8X8 CRV platform

Collins Class Submarines
Collins Class Submarines

Southern Prospect

Focus on renewable energy and resources

Southern Prospect was established in 2007 by Lee Whiteley together with the Elphinstone Group.  Since that time, Lee and the team at Southern Prospect have established a niche manufacturing and engineering support business with a reputation for high quality products and services with a particular focus on using LEAN and Six Sigma principles to continually drive efficiency and innovation in partnership with its customers.

In May 2016, the Elphinstone Group increased its majority interest in Southern Prospect and it is now a wholly owned member of the Elphinstone Group of companies.

Southern Prospect’s manufacturing focus is based on extensive experience in the renewable energy and resource sector and is backed up by formal business, technical and process qualifications.  Their customers include leading mining equipment manufacturers, energy companies and power utilities both in Australia and overseas.


Southern Prospect Facility: Terra Nova Drive, Wynyard Tasmania

Southern Prospect Wind
Extensive experience in the renewable energy and resource sector

About Us

40 years in the mining industry

Elphinstone has been designing, manufacturing and supplying heavy equipment to the global mining industry for over 40 years.

The company still calls Tasmania home and continues to support and rely upon the specialised design, engineering and manufacturing knowledge of the skilled local workforce.  This highly capable and advanced manufacturing supply chain has steadily evolved over its 40 plus year association with the global mining industry.

Drone footage of Building O (Ormsby Street) Facility: State of the art, single flow, multi model manufacturing facility.

Elphinstone Pty Ltd Terra Nova Facility
Building O (Ormsby Street) Facility: State of the art, single flow, multi model manufacturing facility for all of our CAT OEM products including our range of Elphinstone underground support vehicles, Haulmax 3900 off highway trucks and Railmax Road Rail Excavators.

Elphinstone Pty Ltd Wilson St Facility
Building W (Wilson Street) Facility: Research and New Product Development. Warehousing and Logistics.

Elphinstone Pty Ltd Terra Nova Facility
Building S and Building H (Terra Nova Drive) Facilities: Dedicated stainless steel manufacturing facilities.

Elphinstone and Caterpillar Testing Facility
Elphinstone/Caterpillar Burnie Proving Ground.