Elphinstone WR820 Series

The WR820 is the larger of Elphinstone's two purpose built base support platforms. Available in an open or enclosed cab configuration, the WR820 features an integrated Caterpillar powertrain delivering optimum performance and reliability in tough underground conditions.

ACERT™ Technology Caterpillar optimizes engine performance while meeting EPA Tier 3 regulations. ACERT™ Technology reduces emissions during the combustion process by using advanced technology in the air and fuel systems, in conjunction with  integrated electronics. The Caterpillar engine meets emission regulations at the combustion source rather than recycling exhaust gases.

c11-engineCat C11 Engine

The Cat C11 uses Caterpillar's breakthrough ACERT™ Technology to meet exhaust emission reduction standards. It features efficient fuel delivery, air management and electronic control for high productivity and exceptional service life.

Engine Design The four-stroke engine provides efficient fuel combustion. Precise engineering and thorough testing assure durability, reliability and power. Built-in serviceability and excellent fuel economy lower operating costs.

six speed transmissionCat Six-Speed Transmission

The field proven Caterpillar power shift countershaft transmission easily matches engine power to the load size and ground conditions. 

Gear Application Gear ratios are designed to maximise productivity in specific cycle segments: Gear 1 provides highest rimpull capability for heavy load applications;  Gear 2 and 3 for normal loads and higher speed operations; Gear 4 and 5 provide excellent empty return and roading speeds.

WR810 Agitator

Elphinstone WR820 Agitator

WR820 Underground Water Truck and Cannon

Elphinstone WR820 Water Cannon