Elphinstone Underground WR820 Agitator 10m3

WR820 Agitator 10m3 customised to meet requirements

The Elphinstone product development division is proactive in listening to the ‘Voice of Customer’ (VOC) to ensure our products meet their requirements. Elphinstone recently delivered a fully customised, feature-packed WR820 10m3 Agitator to a valued customer in Victoria through William Adams Pty Ltd. The WR820 10m3 Agitator maximises productivity via volume, speed and braking performance to deliver bulk concrete underground. The agitator bowl has a rated capacity of 10m3, and mixes either wet or dry product with variable speed control.
Front suspension, air-ride seat, ergonomic controls and excellent visibility from the air-conditioned ROPS/FOPS cabin provide the operator confidence to operate the machine at speeds equalling the production fleet. An inbuilt brake retarder and optional engine exhaust brake provide superior braking performance when hauling downhill.
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Elphinstone Haulmax 3900

First of Four Haulmax 3900 dispatched for Suriname

Elphinstone’s focus has always been to deliver customers a total haulage solution based on their specific haul requirements.

Prior to 2016, Surmac, an authorised dealer of Elphinstone machines in Suriname, identified a need for an extended distance haul solution for a valued customer. In September 2018, Elphinstone received an order for ten Haulmax 3900 trucks that were manufactured and commenced operation in 2019. The best voice of customer feedback is a repeat order and Elphinstone is excited to be delivering the first of four additional Haulmax 3900 dump trucks to the same valued customer in Suriname.

The versatile Haulmax 3900 can be configured as a dump truck, service truck, water truck or tow tractor for a lowboy trailer. With greater tyre and braking capacity, the Haulmax 3900 is designed for extended haul distances. Featuring a proven Caterpillar powertrain with a C27 engine, the Haulmax provides excellent performance, reliability and productivity for long life and a low total cost of ownership (TCO). A spacious ROPS/FOPS certified cabin, ergonomic controls, air suspension seats, access stairs, platforms and ground-level service points all provide a comfortable and safe operating environment.

Open Cab UG20K Underground Motor Grader

Elphinstone UG20K Open Cab Motor Grader bound for Mexico

Elphinstone’s engineering team design, develop, and customise underground mining solutions to meet specific site application requirements. The Elphinstone UG20K Open Cab Motor Grader is just one of many examples, modified to meet the requirements of a much-valued customer in Mexico. This machine is also fitted with many factory options such as a fire suppression system, automatic grease lubrication and upgraded LED lighting. The UG20K makes hard work look easy – creating and maintaining haul roads for increased productivity and reduced operational costs of the mine haulage fleet. Available via the Worldwide Caterpillar Dealer Network.