E15 Agitator 7m3

Two E15 Agitators dispatched to Ernest Henry Mine

Elphinstone is excited to have recently dispatched two E15 Agitators to Evolution Mining’s Ernest Henry Mine through Hastings Deering QLD.

Headlining series, the new E15 Agitator 7m3 is built to thrive in harsh underground hard rock mining conditions. Specialising in the transport of shotcrete or concrete for backfilling voids, the Agitator features outstanding ride and handling at full capacity improving cycle times and increasing productivity. Capable of onboard mixing during transit and loading via the chutes or conveyor.

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Elphinstone WR810 model number changed to E10

WR810 model numbers will be updated to E10 in 2024

The Elphinstone WR810 series of underground support vehicles are recognised as a modular and highly configurable, 10-tonne nominal base platform featuring a superior level of interchangeability of parts and components between machines.

The WR810 model number will be phased out starting January 2024 and replaced with the E10 model number. This will apply to all future WR810 machines.

Elphinstone acquires the Beltor Mine Extraction Device (MED)

Elphinstone recently acquired the proven Beltor ‘Puller’ – an underground Mine Extraction Device (MED) designed to safely recover buried equipment.

While attending Austmine 2023, Dale Elphinstone was awarded the Champion of Innovation award, recognising his significant contribution to innovation in the METS sector.

The award celebrates an individual who has pioneered and championed innovation and has changed the course of the mining industry through their outstanding vision, inspirational leadership, passion for innovation and advancement of mining equipment, safety, technology and services.

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Elphinstone and WesTrac partnership drives fleet upgrades at CSA Mine Cobar

Operating up to 2km underground in one of Australia’s deepest copper mines makes for potentially tough working conditions. But Elphinstone’s partnership with WesTrac to provide state-of-the-art machinery to Glencore’s CSA Mine near Cobar meets the challenges with aplomb.

Access to modern, robust equipment that can withstand the harsh, hot underground environment and perform to high standards is front of mind for CSA Mine’s Mobile Mechanic Superintendent Peter Patton and his 88-strong team of trades and planning experts.

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Railmax RMT15F

End of an era – The last Railmax RMT15F is sold

The first Elphinstone Railmax rail maintenance excavator, the RMT14D was released in 2011. It transformed the rail maintenance industry allowing work to be performed safely under live powerlines and on live parallel tracks.

In 2017 the Railmax RMT15F was released, featuring significant control system upgrades to the previous RMT14D version, increasing the machine’s capability, safety and productivity.

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New WR810 front cab launched at UGOP2023 in Brisbane

Elphinstone recently released its new WR810 front-mounted cab at the 2023 Underground Operator’s Conference in Brisbane. The low-profile option increases the versatility of the company’s existing range of underground support applications.

All WR810 models can now be optioned with either a centre-mounted 3m high cabin or a low-profile front-mounted 2.4m high cabin, unveiled for the first time at the Underground Operators Conference in March.

Positioned at the entrance to the conference, the front cab was quick to draw the attention of onlookers as they made their way into the exhibition.

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Introducing the new Elphinstone W35 Water Tank Module

Built to perform in the harshest mining conditions

The Elphinstone W35 water tank module is designed to fit a Caterpillar 740C, 745C and 745 bare chassis in place of factory applications. The module incorporates a robust under body structure that plays a crucial role in ensuring the tank shell is properly supported. All Elphinstone design and manufacturing processes consider the actual working conditions of the mining applications the water truck will be operating in.

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Elphinstone WR820 maximises productivity

Elphinstone, the most successful name in Australian-produced underground mining equipment, has developed a range of heavy-duty hard rock support vehicles that continue the company’s well-known 45-year legacy.

Based in Burnie, Tasmania, Elphinstone is an industry-leader in the design, manufacture and support of quality equipment for the global underground, and surface mining industries.

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Elphinstone UG20K Grader Ecuador IASA

Elphinstone secures first sale in Ecuador through IASA

Elphinstone has secured its first sale in Ecuador, delivering a feature-packed UG20K underground grader to a valued customer through local CAT dealer IASA. The UG20K makes hard work look easy – smoothing and maintaining your haul roads for increased productivity and reduced operational costs. Features include LED front and rear lighting, emergency control brake, automatic greasing system, multi-view camera, fire suppression, fast fill and more.