Gross Vehicle Mass

37,000 kg

GVM dependent on configuration


Cat C7.1 ACERT

Tier 3 - Standard / Tier 4 Final - Optional

Gross Power SAE J1995

168kW / 228hp

Tier 3. Tier 4 Final 151kW / 202hp

Drum Volume

7m3 Capacity

Nominal Capacity

Outstanding ride and handling with excellent manoeuvrability

Elphinstone's new E15 Agitator is a welcome addition to the existing range of Elphinstone E10 Underground Hard Rock Support Vehicles (formerly WR810). The significance of the E15 model number is 'E' represents Elphinstone, and '15' indicates the nominal capacity in metric tonnes (depending on the configuration).

Built to thrive in the harsh underground environment, the first E15 models to be released include the E15 Agitator 7m3 (pictured), E15 Delivery (nominal 15-tonne capacity and 8.8tm crane), E15 Flat Deck (nominal 16-tonne capacity), E15 Water Tank (nominal 13,000L capacity), and E15 Fuel & Lube (Diesel, Lubricants, Grease, Coolant, DEF, Water & Air). Additional models will be released in the future.

Headlining the E15 series is the Agitator 7m3, built to thrive in harsh underground hard rock mining conditions, providing outstanding ride and handling with excellent manoeuvrability and turning circle.

Front-mounted cab with 180-degree view

At 2.4m high, the front-mounted operator cabin features 3-person seating, climate-controlled air conditioning, ergonomic central driving position with a clear 180-degree view, and a dial controller for the retarder, speed and implement controls. Operator comfort and convenience are further enhanced with an air-cooled compartment for lunch box storage, cupholders and smartphone charging ports.

High level of operator comfort

The A-frame front axle suspension, oscillating hitch and air-suspended seats deliver a high level of machine comfort to the operator and passengers.  The oscillating hitch ensures 4-wheel ground contact and reduced wear on the hitch and steering components. Nitrogen-charged hydraulic suspension cylinders and A-frame provide superior front axle ride quality over rough terrain.

Shared engine front frame

Common to the E15 and E10 range, the engine front frame can accommodate optional Cat C7.1 Tier 3 or Tier 4 Final engine arrangements featuring Caterpillar’s breakthrough ACERT™ Technology to meet exhaust emission reduction standards.

The engine’s efficient fuel delivery combined with air management and electronic control leads to high productivity and exceptional service life. An optional full-flow DPF may be fitted in place of the standard muffler and catalytic converter on Tier 3 models.

All engine and machine isolation functions are conveniently located on one panel accessible from ground level on the left-hand side.

Common rear frame

All the application modules pin and or bolt to the common rear frame, including the 7m3 agitator bowl. The frame is adaptable for multiple applications With 16.00R20 tyres, heavy-duty axles and different weight distribution, the machine has greater carrying capacity.

High-capacity electromagnetic retarder

Fitted as standard to the rear frame is a high-capacity electromagnetic retarder which provides superior braking performance on grade, and diagnostic capabilities with alarm and fault conditions reported back to the 12-inch touch screen operator display.

The integrated Retarder Control System (iRCS) combines both the control and power functions into a single unit. The innovative electronic design significantly reduces the retarder’s energy consumption, preserving electric circuits.

Speed control

The E15 also features ‘speed control’ whereby the operator can set the maximum speed on grade and the machine uses the retarder and the inertia of the powertrain to maintain the speed. When on flat ground the operator can accelerate over the maximum set speed, but when the accelerator pedal is released, the machine speed will revert back to the original maximum speed setting.

Front and rear hydraulic jacks

An optional feature of the E15 is the front and rear hydraulic jacks. The front jacks operate with a “park” function to enable the operator to safely exit the cabin with the engine operating. The rear jacks are used to level or lift the machine for discharge. All jacks can lift the machine off the ground for changing tyres.

Ground-level access for servicing

All service points such as tanks, filters, lubrication points and compartment drains are conveniently located at ground level for servicing.

Downtime during service and maintenance is reduced markedly on the E15 due to clever engineering and design features, incorporated with service personnel in mind.

Quick change air filters and 500-hour oil service intervals reduce downtime and keep machines in operation longer for greater productivity. A centralised onboard service centre includes fast fill, evacuation, and fluid sample points for analysis.

Machine dimensions

E15 Agitator Machine Dimensions
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Summary of key features:

  • Front-mounted 3-person operator cabin (Height of 2445mm).
  • Climate-controlled air conditioning.
  • Centre driving position with a clear 180-degree view.
  • Dial controller located on operator's armrest for retarder and implement control.
  • Air-cooled compartment for lunch box storage, cupholders and phone charging ports.
  • Caterpillar C7.1 Tier 3 or Caterpillar C7.1 Tier 4 Final engine.
  • 7m3 Agitator Bowl Carrying Capacity
  • Excellent manoeuvrability and turning circle.
  • Outstanding ride and handling.
  • Common front frame, engine, and transmission, with the E10 model.
  • A-frame front suspension with nitrogen-filled suspension cylinders.
  • Oscillating hitch to ensure all wheels maintain contact with the road surface.
  • High-capacity electromagnetic retarder is standard on all E15 configurations.
  • Speed control for maximum speed on grade.
  • Common rear frame for multiple applications.
  • 16.00R20 tyres and heavy-duty axles are standard.
  • Optional full-flow DPF can be fitted in place of standard muffler and catalytic converter on Tier 3 models.
  • Front and rear hydraulic jacks are optional.
  • Air-ride seats for the operator are standard and optional for passengers.
  • 12-inch touch screen with onboard advanced diagnostics is a standard feature.
  • Optional in-cabin filtration complying with ISO23875.

Battery Electric

Leveraging its existing portfolio of underground support vehicles, Elphinstone is developing Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) in collaboration with its customers and supply chain partners.

The vision is to provide a Battery Electric Vehicle solution at the forefront of technology whilst maintaining a reputation for high quality, premium and reliable products, well-positioned and recognised globally in the underground hard-rock mining industry.

Please contact your Elphinstone Regional Sales & Support Manager or your local Cat dealer for more information.