The New E15 hard rock mining support vehicle

Elphinstone is excited to Introduce the new E15 model to the Elphinstone Underground Hard Rock Support Vehicle range. The low-profile E15 is a welcome addition to the existing range of E10 (formerly WR810) support vehicles, both base platforms sharing a high level of interchangeability of parts and components.

The significance of the E15 model

The significance of the model number is the letter ‘E’ represents Elphinstone, and the numeral ’15’ indicates the nominal capacity in metric tonnes (depending on the configuration).

Key features

  • Outstanding ride and handling with excellent manoeuvrability and turning circle.
  • Front-mounted operator cabin featuring 3-person seating, climate-controlled air conditioning, centre driving position with a clear 180-degree view, dial controller for retarder and implement control, an air-cooled compartment for lunch box storage, cupholders and phone charging ports.
  • A ‘common’ engine front frame, including the engine and transmission, is shared with the E10.
  • Optional C7.1 Tier 3 or Tier 4 Final engine.
  • Optional full-flow DPF can be fitted in place of standard muffler and catalytic converter on Tier 3 models.
  • Standard A-frame front suspension with nitrogen-filled suspension cylinders.
  • A high-capacity electromagnetic retarder.
  • Speed control allows the operator to set the maximum speed on grade. The machine automatically holds the speed using the electromagnetic retarder and the transmission and engine assembly inertia. The operator can accelerate over the maximum set speed when on flat ground. However, when the accelerator pedal is released, the machine will reduce speed back to the maximum speed setting.
  • Optional front and rear hydraulic jacks are available with a ‘park’ function on the front jacks to enable the operator to exit the cabin safely with the engine operating.
  • Standard air-ride seat for operator and optional for passengers.
  • Standard rear frame for multiple applications supported by 16.00R20 tyres and heavy-duty axles.

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Further models to be released

The first machines to be released include the E15 Agitator 7m3, E15 Delivery (Nominal 14-tonne payload and 8.8tm crane), E15 Flat Deck (Nominal 15-tonne payload), E15 Water Tank (13,000L capacity), and E15 Fuel & Lube (Diesel, Lubricants, Grease, Coolant, DEF, Water & Air).

Further models will be released in the future.

New marketing literature for the E15 models will be available on the Elphinstone website shortly. The machine is visually different to the E10 with the front-mounted cabin and will have E15 decals to reflect the new model.

Battery Electric

Leveraging its existing portfolio of underground support vehicles, Elphinstone is developing Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) in collaboration with its customers and supply chain partners.

The vision is to provide a Battery Electric Vehicle solution at the forefront of technology whilst maintaining a reputation for high quality, premium and reliable products, well-positioned and recognised globally in the underground hard-rock mining industry.

Please contact your ‘Elphinstone Regional Sales & Support Manager’ for more information.

Tim Mitchell
Global Sales & Marketing Manager

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