Elphinstone acquires the Beltor Mine Extraction Device (MED)

Elphinstone recently acquired the proven Beltor ‘Puller’ – an underground Mine Extraction Device (MED) designed to safely recover buried equipment.

While attending Austmine 2023, Dale Elphinstone was awarded the Champion of Innovation award, recognising his significant contribution to innovation in the METS sector.

The award celebrates an individual who has pioneered and championed innovation and has changed the course of the mining industry through their outstanding vision, inspirational leadership, passion for innovation and advancement of mining equipment, safety, technology and services.

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Mine Extraction Device (MED)

Eliminate unsafe extractions with the proven Elphinstone Mine Extraction Device (MED)

The Elphinstone Mine Extraction Device (MED) has been designed, manufactured and engineer certified with a pulling capacity of up to 360 Tonnes. Developed for the extraction of bogged or buried underground equipment. Elphinstone is the OEM and owns the intellectual property.

The Elphinstone MED has performed hundreds of safe, efficient and successful extractions at a number of underground mining operations (both coal and hard rock) across Australia.

Minimises disruptions to mining operations

Mining operations can continue relatively uninterrupted during the extraction process with the Elphinstone MED.

The Elphinstone MED eliminates traditional recovery methods that result in production disruptions when other mining equipment (LHDs and or trucks) is used to conduct the recovery.

By using the MED, production equipment does not experience any damage, wear and tear plus the hazards associated with personnel working around mobile equipment in close quarters are reduced significantly.

Insurance support for proven system

The unique retrieval system has the support of numerous insurance companies with the recognition that if this system cannot retrieve a buried loader then the loader is not retrievable.

Available in three pulling capacities

The MED is available in 150-tonne, 210-tonne, and 360-tonne capacities. The MED150, MED210, and MED360 were developed in line with industry growth. In addition to the retrieval of buried equipment, the higher capacity models are also capable of extracting drill rods embedded in the rock face.

'Puller' Capabilities and Specifications

Features Include:

  • Pulling capacity of up to 360 Tonnes.
  • The extendable boom allows use in a range of underground operations.
  • Easy to tow into place and set up.
  • Operating pressure 140 Bar, flow rate of 6-70 litres per minute.
  • Control pedestal and pilot valve.
  • Optional remote control.
  • Winch to assist rack positioning.
  • Cranes to assist in positioning racks (MED360 only).


Elphinstone Defence Partnerships

Elphinstone Defence Partnerships

Building on our extensive history of quality, reliability and dependability in underground mining, Elphinstone is partnering with Defence OEMs on large-scale machine and structure fabrication and assembly projects.

Elphinstone is wholly Australian-owned.  We have operated in Burnie, Tasmania, since 1975 and are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and manufacturing equipment.  With a highly skilled and qualified workforce, a well-established supply chain, and daily direct freight routes to mainland Australia via Melbourne and Geelong, Elphinstone has the ability to meet the most stringent customer requirements.

Defence Projects

  • LAND400 Phase 2
    Elphinstone were an integral part of Team Sentinel as the potential manufacturer of the ST Kinetics Terrex 3 8x8 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle.  While Team Sentinel was unable to proceed to RMA, our participation in this project demonstrated Elphinstone’s capability to meet the needs of the defence force and provide sovereign manufacturing capability.
  • LAND8116
    In February 2022 Elphinstone entered a contract with Hanwha Defence Australia for the manufacturing of turret and hull structures for the Huntsman AS9 Self-Propelled Howitzers and AS10 Armoured Ammunition Resupply Vehicles. Main image: An RoK K9 Self-Propelled Howitzer, the parent platform for the improved Australian AS9 Huntsman.
  • LAND400 Phase 3
    Elphinstone is teaming with Hanwha Defence Australia for the manufacture of hull structures for the Redback vehicle, which has been down selected for the Australian Army’s Infantry Fighting Vehicle requirement.

Global Presence

Elphinstone has serviced the global mining market for many years and has extensive working experience with international companies.  Being wholly Australian-owned, we can contribute significantly to AIC and ACE objectives.  We are able to compete on a global scale for cost and quality.  And due to our location in Tasmania, we use 100% net renewable energy.

Our Capabilities

Elphinstone has significant manufacturing capabilities including:

  • Large-scale complex metal fabrication– heavy, medium and light gauge, mild steel, hardened steel armoured plate, stainless steel.
  • 5 axis machining of workpieces up to 4.0m(H) x 4.5m(W) x 10.0m(L) and 50MT.
  • Plasma cutting and pressing (up to 1,000 MT).
  • Abrasive blasting and painting.
  • Non-destructive testing.
  • Machine assembly – powertrain, hydraulic and electrical systems.
  • Cab and vehicle body fit-out.
  • Electrical harness manufacture.

Jigs and fixtures are designed in-house and are extensively used to facilitate efficient, accurate and repeatable manufacturing processes.  We are certified to ISO9001:2015 and are able to meet all customer, Australian and International standards for fabrication processes.  Elphinstone also holds a DISP membership (entry-level).

The team at Elphinstone pride itself on maintaining direct and open communications with all of our stakeholders, and providing the highest levels of quality and reliability to our customers.

New WR810 front cab launched at UGOP2023 in Brisbane

Elphinstone recently released its new WR810 front-mounted cab at the 2023 Underground Operator’s Conference in Brisbane. The low-profile option increases the versatility of the company’s existing range of underground support applications.

All WR810 models can now be optioned with either a centre-mounted 3m high cabin or a low-profile front-mounted 2.4m high cabin, unveiled for the first time at the Underground Operators Conference in March.

Positioned at the entrance to the conference, the front cab was quick to draw the attention of onlookers as they made their way into the exhibition.

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WR810 Tier 3 Underground Water Cannon

WR810 Underground Water Cannon dispatched to Westrac

Elphinstone are very pleased to be delivering a WR810 Underground Water Cannon to WesTrac in Western Australia which will be introduced to the Goldfields.

The Elphinstone WR810 Water Cannon is a dual application machine. A wireless controller and base station allows the operator to position the 8m telescopic boom for washing down valuable ore fines or high-pressure blasting of material blockages from a safe remote location. The side and rear water sprays are for dust suppression of haul roads and are controlled from the operators cabin.

This machine features some impressive options including a proven Caterpillar power train, all-wheel drive, hydraulic front suspension, oscillating hitch, heavy-duty axles, automatic lubrication, mine water supply connection, automatic boom pack up and much more. The fire suppression system is cleverly hidden away and protected inside the rear tank.