Future Focus for Finning Canada & Elphinstone

Finning & Elphinstone Partnership

Finning has partnered with Elphinstone to provide a diverse range of underground mining support vehicles to suit your mining application.

With sustainability at the forefront of our clients’ minds, Elphinstone have begun developing a suite of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) support vehicles for underground hard rock mining to address the increasing decarbonisation efforts and expectations of our global customer base.

This will allow Finning and Elphinstone to support their clients achieve ESG targets as we move forward.

Finning is proud to be an authorised dealer for the Elphinstone UG product line including the UG20M Grader and the WR810 Series comprising a Delivery, Water Cannon, Fuel & Lube, 6m3 Agitator and Scissor Lift.

The WR810 Series is optioned with a Tier 4 Final version of the CAT C7.1 engine to align with Canadian emission standards.

The WR810 operator cabin is designed to seat three people in comfort with exceptional visibility. In the working environment a three-seater cabin allows for the complete crew to go collectively rather than deploying an additional light vehicle for personnel transport.

An exciting new line up from Elphinstone with the trusted service, warranty, parts and support from Finning.

WR810 Delivery

  • GVM* 28,760 kg
  • Engine model Cat C7.1 ACERT™ TIER 3 (Standard)
  • Engine model Cat C7.1 ACERT™ TIER 4 FINAL (Optional)
  • Maximum Payload 11,130 kg
  • HIAB Crane Rated Lift Capacity 8.8 TM
  • Crane Outreach 7.7 m

*GVM dependent on product configuration.

UG20M Motor Grader

  • GVM* 18,000 kg
  • Engine model Cat C7.1 ACERT™ TIER 4 INTERIM
  • Frame articulation left/right 20 degrees
  • Steering range left/right 47.5 degrees
  • Turning circle inner/outer (shortened wheelbase) 63/235 in
  • Overall length (shortened wheelbase) 28 ft 3.4 in

*Approximate only. GVM dependent on product configuration

WR810 Fuel & Lube

  • GVM* 24,750 kg
  • Engine model Cat C7.1 ACERT™ TIER 3 (Standard)
  • Engine model Cat C7.1 ACERT™ TIER 4 FINAL (Optional)
  • Diesel Tank Capacity 5000 L
  • 4 x 300 L Oil Tanks
  • 44 gallon drum storage with 2 point lash down device

*Approximate only. GVM dependent on product configuration

WR810 Water Cannon

  • GVM* 28,660 kg
  • Engine model Cat C7.1 ACERT™ TIER 3 (Standard)
  • Engine model Cat C7.1 ACERT™ TIER 4 FINAL (Optional)
  • Water Tank Volume 8000 L
  • Dust Suppression Road Spray System
  • Water pressure approx. 150psi

*GVM dependent on product configuration

WR810 Scissor Lift

  • GVM* 23,400 kg
  • Engine model Cat C7.1 ACERT™ TIER 3 (Standard)
  • Engine model Cat C7.1 ACERT™ TIER 4 FINAL (Optional)
  • Rated capacity 5,000 kg AS1418.10 Group A, Type 1
  • Platform size 2,400 mm wide x 4,000 mm long
  • 17% machine levelling ability via cylinders

*Approximate only. GVM dependent on product configuration

WR810 Agitator 6m3

  • GVM* 29,400 kg
  • Engine model Cat C7.1 ACERT™ TIER 3 (Standard)
  • Engine model Cat C7.1 ACERT™ TIER 4 FINAL (Optional)
  • Volume 6 m3
  • Plant mix mode agitator bowl speed 0-19 rpm
  • Transit mode agitator bowl speed 0-6 rpm

*Approximate only. GVM dependent on product configuration

Elphinstone WR810 Series

The WR810 is the smaller of Elphinstone's two purpose built base support platforms.  Available in forward or centre mount cab configuration, the WR810 features an integrated Caterpillar powertrain delivering optimum performance and reliability in tough underground conditions.

ACERT™ Technology Caterpillar optimizes engine performance while meeting EPA Tier 3 regulations. ACERT™ Technology reduces emissions during the combustion process by using advanced technology in the air and fuel systems, in conjunction with  integrated electronics. The Caterpillar engine meets emission regulations at the combustion source rather than recycling exhaust gases.

C11 ACERT EngineCat C7.1 Tier 3 engine (Standard)

The C7.1 ACERT Tier 3 engine arrangement rated at 168 kilowatts (225 horsepower) is the standard option for less stringent emission regulations. Matched to the engine is a Cat five-speed (three-speed reverse) transmission fitted with a lock-up torque converter.
Downtime during service and maintenance is reduced through some clever engineering and design features. Quick change air filters and 500-hour oil service intervals also reduce downtime and keep machines in operation for longer for greater productivity. The on-board warning & protection system continuously checks all critical machine functions for early warning and fast fault finding, recorded for analysis.

C7.1 Tier 4 Final ACERT EngineCat C7.1 Tier 4 Final engine (Optional)

The C7.1 ACERT Tier 4 Final engine arrangement is optional, adhering to EU Stage V exhaust emission standards. The engine arrangement offers a dual horsepower configuration set at 151 kilowatts (202 horsepower) for a higher performance rating. The lower reduced ventilation rating at 129 kilowatts (173 horsepower) is possible through a simple software change performed by a Caterpillar dealer.

Cat Five Speed TransmissionCat Five-Speed Transmission

The field proven Caterpillar power shift countershaft transmission easily matches engine power to the load size and ground conditions. Electronic control makes fingertip controls possible, reducing operator fatigue and improving comfort.

Gear Application Gear ratios are designed to maximise productivity in specific cycle segments: Gear 1 provides highest rimpull capability for heavy load applications;  Gear 2 and 3 for normal loads and higher speed operations; Gear 4 and 5 provide excellent empty return and roading speeds.

WR810 Tier 3 Underground Water Cannon

WR810 Underground Water Cannon dispatched to Westrac

Elphinstone are very pleased to be delivering a WR810 Underground Water Cannon to WesTrac in Western Australia which will be introduced to the Goldfields.

The Elphinstone WR810 Water Cannon is a dual application machine. A wireless controller and base station allows the operator to position the 8m telescopic boom for washing down valuable ore fines or high-pressure blasting of material blockages from a safe remote location. The side and rear water sprays are for dust suppression of haul roads and are controlled from the operators cabin.

This machine features some impressive options including a proven Caterpillar power train, all-wheel drive, hydraulic front suspension, oscillating hitch, heavy-duty axles, automatic lubrication, mine water supply connection, automatic boom pack up and much more. The fire suppression system is cleverly hidden away and protected inside the rear tank.