Elphinstone E15 Series

E15 Agitator 7m3

  • GVM* 37,000 kg
  • Volume 7 m3
  • Plant mix mode agitator bowl speed 0-19 rpm
  • Transit mode agitator bowl speed 0-6 rpm
  • Cat C7.1 ACERT TIER 3 Engine (Standard)
  • Gross power SAE J1995 168kW / 228 hp
  • Telma High-capacity Electromagnetic Retarder
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • Articulation 42.5 degrees
  • Tyres 16.00R20

*GVM dependent on product configuration

Elphinstone E15 Series

The Elphinstone E15 is recognised as a modular and highly configurable, 15-tonne nominal base platform featuring a superior level of interchangeability of parts and components between machines. The E15 features an integrated Caterpillar powertrain delivering optimum performance and reliability in tough underground conditions.

ACERT™ Technology Caterpillar optimizes engine performance while meeting EPA Tier 3 regulations. ACERT™ Technology reduces emissions during combustion by using advanced technology in the air and fuel systems, in conjunction with integrated electronics. The Caterpillar engine meets emission regulations at the combustion source rather than recycling exhaust gases.

C11 ACERT EngineCat C7.1 Tier 3 engine (Standard)

The C7.1 ACERT Tier 3 engine arrangement rated at 168 kilowatts (225 horsepower) is the standard option for less stringent emission regulations. Matched to the engine is a Cat five-speed (three-speed reverse) transmission fitted with a lock-up torque converter.
Downtime during service and maintenance is reduced through some clever engineering and design features. Quick change air filters and 500-hour oil service intervals also reduce downtime and keep machines in operation for longer for greater productivity. The on-board warning & protection system continuously checks all critical machine functions for early warning and fast fault finding, recorded for analysis.

C7.1 Tier 4 Final ACERT EngineCat C7.1 Tier 4 Final engine (Optional)

The C7.1 ACERT Tier 4 Final engine arrangement is optional, adhering to EU Stage V exhaust emission standards. The engine arrangement offers a dual horsepower configuration set at 151 kilowatts (202 horsepower) for a higher performance rating. The lower reduced ventilation rating at 129 kilowatts (173 horsepower) is possible through a simple software change performed by a Caterpillar dealer.

Cat Five Speed TransmissionCat Five-Speed Transmission

The field proven Caterpillar power shift countershaft transmission easily matches engine power to the load size and ground conditions. Electronic control makes fingertip controls possible, reducing operator fatigue and improving comfort.

Gear Application Gear ratios are designed to maximise productivity in specific cycle segments: Gear 1 provides highest rimpull capability for heavy load applications;  Gear 2 and 3 for normal loads and higher speed operations; Gear 4 and 5 provide excellent empty return and roading speeds.

New WR810 front cab launched at UGOP2023 in Brisbane

Elphinstone recently released its new WR810 front-mounted cab at the 2023 Underground Operator’s Conference in Brisbane. The low-profile option increases the versatility of the company’s existing range of underground support applications.

All WR810 models can now be optioned with either a centre-mounted 3m high cabin or a low-profile front-mounted 2.4m high cabin, unveiled for the first time at the Underground Operators Conference in March.

Positioned at the entrance to the conference, the front cab was quick to draw the attention of onlookers as they made their way into the exhibition.

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