Six repeat orders for WR820 Agitator 10m3

Elphinstone is proactive when listening to the ‘Voice of Customer’ (VOC) to ensure our products meet their requirements. The best voice of customer feedback is a repeat order, and Elphinstone is excited to deliver a sixth feature-packed WR820 10m3 Agitator to a much-valued long term customer through WesTrac. This machine will join three other WR820 10m3 Agitators already operating at the same mine in NSW.

The Agitator features front suspension, air-ride seat, ergonomic controls, excellent visibility from the air-conditioned ROPS/FOPS cabin, which combine to provide the confidence to operate the machine at speeds equalling the production fleet. An inbuilt brake retarder delivers superior braking performance when hauling downhill.

Optional features include a ground level fast fill non-pressurised fuel system with a machine isolation sensor in the fuel receiver cap. The system is environmentally friendly, allowing safe and accurate rapid filling by eliminating overfill spillage from the tank. The machine will not start and a warning light will alert the operator if the fuel receiver cap is not fitted correctly. Other optional features fitted include manual hand pump for chemicals to be added directly to the bowl and a camera mounted on the rails located on the right hand side of the machine for improved operator visibility.

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