Elphinstone WR810 Water Cannon

First two of four Elphinstone Underground WR810 Water Cannons bound for Chile

Two of four Elphinstone Underground WR810 Water Cannons are on their way to a valued customer in Chile sold through Finning. The dual application machines feature an 8m telescopic boom with a high-pressure water cannon operated via a wireless remote to wash down valuable ore fines and blast material blockages. Fitted to the rear and both sides of the machine, are spray valves for dust suppression on haul roads. Other features include a Caterpillar power train, all-wheel drive, oscillating hitch, heavy-duty axles, retarder for down haulage, a spacious 3-seat climate-controlled ROPS / FOPS cabin, automatic lubrication, fire suppression, mine water supply connection point, and automatic boom pack up.

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