Elphinstone W35 Water Tank

W35 Water Tank designed to fit Caterpillar 740C, 745C and 745

The Elphinstone W35 water tank module is designed to fit a Caterpillar 740C, 745C and 745 bare chassis in place of factory applications. The module incorporates a robust under body structure that plays a crucial role in ensuring the tank shell is properly supported.
All Elphinstone design and manufacturing processes consider the actual working conditions of the mining applications the water truck will be operating in. Engineering analysis of the specific carrier chassis’ axle loadings throughout a range of grades ensure weight distribution is kept within the safe working limit specifications.
Selection of the highest quality manufacturing materials and components ensure Elphinstone modules provide safety to the operator and longevity to both the module and the truck.

Includes braided harnesses designed and manufactured by Elphinstone

The W35 water tank module incorporates many unique features that are included in the standard specification on all water tanks designed and manufactured by Elphinstone. The tank structure has been engineered with specialised design features, including internal baffles to reduce water surge and improve machine stability.
Top fill points are fitted with hinged trash screens to prevent debris from entering the tank. All Elphinstone water tanks feature braided wiring harnesses manufactured by Elphinstone and fitted with quality Deutsch connectors.

Features Include:

  • Custom fit for a Caterpillar 740C, 745C and 745 truck.
  • 35,000 litre water capacity.
  • Top fill points with hinged trash screens.
  • Ground level fill point with quick connect fittings for fast filling.
  • Sacrificial anodes are installed in tank for corrosion protection, and accessible from the outside of the tank at ground level.
  • The tank can be installed without a need to modify the original chassis.
  • Upper covers for easy inspection and cleaning.

Rear Watering System

The W35 watering system features 5 fully adjustable and individually controlled spray head valves. Three are mounted horizontally on the rear spray bar and two vertically for side (batter) spraying.

Features Include:

  • Rear spray head valves are double acting, hydraulically controlled units.
  • The spray head delivers a flat, dense and variable spray pattern.
  • The spray fan pattern, volume, width and direction can all be customised.
  • 15 metre spring rewind hose reel.

The Water Cannon

Mounted forward on its own platform, the water cannon can be raised and lowered hydraulically using the joystick control located on the control system inside the cab. The cannon is capable of delivering 1,200 litres per minute at a spray distance of 35 to 55 metres.

Features Include:

  • Spray coverage follows a 90˚arc rotation with 70˚elevation.
  • Water cannon operation is hydraulically controlled and actuated.
  • With the cannon lowered the machine is below transport height restriction requirements and can be transported freely throughout most states of Australia without the need for an approved transport escort.

WR820 Water Tank

Elphinstone WR820 Water Tank is a dual application machine with 16200L capacity

The Elphinstone WR820 Water Tank is a dual application machine with 16200L capacity, featuring a 3-way dust suppression system for haul road maintenance and water cannon for wash down. The operator can operate both the water cannon and water sprays safely from inside the climate-controlled ROPS/FOPS certified cabin. Other features include a proven Caterpillar power train, all-wheel drive, heavy-duty axles, retarder to assist service brakes, fire suppression and much more.