Haulmax 3900 Series

Haulmax 3900 Series

The Haulmax 3900’s narrow width, low centre of gravity and dual rear axle configuration offers a solution for extended distance hauls and soft & slippery underfoot conditions as a prime mover for service and support mine site equipment.  Elphinstone have delivered almost 100 Haulmax trucks via the global Caterpillar Dealer Network to customers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Africa and South America where they are providing solutions as extended distance haul trucks, service trucks, low bed tow tractors, water trucks, and wet weather / downhill haulers.

Ride Comfort

The independent front suspension system and rear independently mounted ‘A’ frame axle assemblies, combined with a long wheel base, offers unrivalled levels of safety and comfort.

95% Genuine CAT components

Our 3900 series haul truck incorporates a complete Caterpillar powertrain, and with 95% of all serviceable parts being genuine Cat components, customers are able to take full advantage of the local product support capabilities provided by the global Caterpillar dealer network.

Elphinstone works closely with Caterpillar® to ensure matched power train components optimise longevity, reliability and mechanical availability, resulting in improved productivity and reduced operating costs.

Global Dealer Network

Haulmax trucks are sold and supported via the global Caterpillar Dealer Network providing unparalleled sales and aftermarket support.

Elphinstone endeavours to provide the latest technology. Design updates are constantly made to ensure industry expectations of reliability, safety and operator comfort are achieved.

Haulmax 3900