Dale Elphinstone

Mining Legends interview with Dale Elphinstone

The Mining Legends Project, a zero-hours rebuild of an R2900G loader, was a private-sector initiative that provided significant proceeds to several critical organisations and charities around Australia. Mining Legends recently sat down with the creator of the famous R2900G, Mr Dale Elphinstone. They spoke with Dale about the Mining Legends Project and his thoughts on the initiative. The Elphinstone Group and Westrac donated the engine which contributed to making the project rebuild a success. For more information about the initiative, visit mininglegends.com

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Elphinstone AD13 Articlulated Dump Truck

Elphinstone’s first 13 tonne articulated dump truck sold in 1983

Dale Elphinstone’s first fully designed and manufactured underground mining product was a 13 tonne articulated dump truck, sold to Agnew Mining in 1983. Between the years of 1975 and 1995, Elphinstone delivered underground mining machines to over 50 locations throughout Australia and more than 35 global export sites across 5 continents. Now, just 45 years later, Elphinstone continues to design and manufacture safe, reliable and innovative surface haulage solutions and underground mining support equipment, commissioned and delivered to loyal and valued customers around the world.