Railmax RMT15F

End of an era – The last Railmax RMT15F is sold

The first Elphinstone Railmax rail maintenance excavator, the RMT14D was released in 2011. It transformed the rail maintenance industry allowing work to be performed safely under live powerlines and on live parallel tracks.

In 2017 the Railmax RMT15F was released, featuring significant control system upgrades to the previous RMT14D version, increasing the machine’s capability, safety and productivity.

The Elphinstone RMT15F Road Rail Excavator has been developed to meet industry demand for a compliant, certified and engineered rail maintenance excavator.

Based on the Cat® 315F L Hydraulic Excavator, the machine is fitted with the Railmax® rail guidance system.

Unrivalled safety features, regulatory compliance, systems innovation and product support ensure this machine delivers integrated solutions to the rail industry.

Signifying the end of an era for Elphinstone Railmax Rail Maintenance Solutions, the last Railmax RMT15F excavator was shipped to BHP at Port Hedland, Western Australia on May 23, 2023.

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