Elphinstone Electrical Harnesses

Elphinstone manufactures electrical harnesses for mining equipment and specialised applications

Elphinstone Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of wire harnesses for mining equipment and other specialised products and applications. The wire is cut, terminated and identified using a Komax Z633 Wire processing unit capable of processing 36 different wires simultaneously with wire sizes ranging from 0.22mm² up to 6mm². Depending on the application, wire harnesses can be sleeved in conduit, spiral wrap, cloth tape or varflo sleeve which conforms to MIL-I-23053 and braided via our range of Herzog harness braiders. All harnesses are thoroughly inspected and tested for correct circuit continuity before delivery to the customer. The process utilises Cablescan 90 S32 PC testing units capable of 0.1 ohms to 50 Kohms at 500 points per second. Elphinstone currently produces a volume of more than 15,000 units of 1500 different types of wire harnesses per year.