WR810 and WR820 Elphinstone Agitators

Elphinstone’s range of 3 underground agitators delivered to customers worldwide

Elphinstone was excited to recently capture a family photo of the WR810 6m3 Agitator, WR820 8m3 Agitator, and WR820 10m3 Agitator before delivering these to valued customers worldwide. All three machines will be used for shotcrete, construction and backfilling applications. Engineered with onboard machine diagnostics for rapid fault identification, all three machines have an excellent top speed at full capacity. With bowl capacities of 6m3, 8m3, and 10m3, the range of Elphinstone agitators allow mixing of wet or dry product with variable speed control. The three machines were fitted with a ROPS/FOPS air-conditioned, enclosed cabin and feature air-ride seats, ergonomic user-friendly intuitive controls, and excellent visibility.