Dale Elphinstone, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Dale Elphinstone

Executive Chairman and Founder

Dale Elphinstone has never been afraid of a challenge. In fact he often tells people “we did it because we didn’t know we couldn’t”.

Dale's relationship with Caterpillar began in 1966 at the age of 15 as an apprentice with Victorian and Tasmanian Cat Dealer, William Adams. He then went on to be employed as a Field Service Mechanic across Tasmanian and King Island mine sites and later worked for Canadian Cat Dealer, Finning for a period of 2 years.

Now, just 40 short years later, Dale has established Elphinstone as a recognised Cat OEM, manufacturing Haulmax 3900 series off highway haul trucks, Railmax RMT14D road-rail excavators and Elphinstone underground support vehicles.

Kelly Elphinstone, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Kelly Elphinstone

Managing Director

Kelly Elphinstone is the daughter of Dale and Cheryl Elphinstone, founding owners of the Elphinstone Group of companies.  Her career began in 1993 at the age of 13, when she commenced working for her parents in their first business, Dale B Elphinstone Pty Ltd.

In 2014, Kelly accepted the position of Managing Director at Elphinstone Pty Ltd (formerly Haulmax).  She is responsible for overseeing the consolidation of the Group’s Tasmanian manufacturing entities and the company’s return to the global underground mining industry.

Kelly is passionate about Australian manufacturing and the significant role Tasmania is able to play in growing this industry.

Lee Whiteley, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Lee Whiteley

Executive General Manager

Lee has been associated with the Elphinstone Group of companies since 1994 when he joined Dale B Elphinstone Pty Ltd to focus on the development of electrical systems for the range of mobile underground mining equipment. As the Electrical & Electronics Manager he worked specifically in Product Development including projects like the automation of underground mining equipment.

Between 2003 and 2007 he worked as a Vice President with Danish global wind energy leader Vestas Wind Systems, with responsibility for facilities in Australia, India and Europe.

In 2007 Lee established a start-up business, Southern Prospect Pty Ltd, together with Dale Elphinstone. The business designs and manufactures portable power generation equipment, provides project solutions to major utility customers like Hydro Tasmania and TasWater and is a key supplier of electrical systems to Caterpillar’s global manufacturing and parts distribution system. The operations of Southern Prospect became a part of Elphinstone Pty Ltd in April 2017.

Zak Brakey, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Zak Brakey

Sales & Marketing Manager

Zak has over four years experience in the heavy equipment industry, five years experience in the finance industry and five years operational experience in the mining industry.

Zak joined Elphinstone as Region Manager – Sales in early 2012. In 2015 Zak was appointed to his current role as Sales & Marketing Manager, where he is responsible for the sales, marketing and product support of all Elphinstone products.

Greg Young, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Greg Young

Engineering Manager

Greg has 25 years of engineering and design experience specialising in mining and industrial vehicles. He started his working career as a Cadet Draftsman in 1991. Greg spent a number of years in drafting, detail and concept design before taking on senior responsibility for new project concept and design, then project and department management.

Greg’s engineering experience covers all aspects of machine design including; 3D parametric design, finite element analysis (FEA), systematic techniques for failure analysis, risk assessments, standards / compliance, and best practice design for manufacturability.

Jason Whiteley, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Jason Whiteley

Product Development Manager - Surface Products

Jason is a trade qualified Fitter & Machinist, with 30 years experience. Since joining Elphinstone in 2009 as Product Manager, Jason has also fulfilled the role of NPI Manager.

In his current position as Product Development Manager - Surface Products, Jason took the Railmax hi-rail vehicle from concept stage right through to production. He has played a key role developing various surface and underground concepts into working prototype / test products.

Scott Hilder, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Scott Hilder

Operations Manager - Sustainable Energy & Engineering Solutions

Scott holds a Masters of Business and is a 6 Sigma Blackbelt.  He commenced with Dale B Elphinstone Pty Ltd in 1995 and continued with the company fulfilling various roles through the transition of ownership to Caterpillar.

In 2009 Scott commenced with Southern Prospect Pty Ltd joining a small team involved in servicing wind turbines in South Australia.  Scott joined Specialised Vehicle Solutions Pty Ltd (now part of Elphinstone Pty Ltd) manufacturing specialised underground mining machinery servicing both local and international mining companies for a period of approximately 2 years commencing in 2011.

Returning to Southern Prospect Pty Ltd (now part of Elphinstone Pty Ltd) as the General Manager Operations in 2013, Scott has focused on successfully implementing a continuous improvement culture within the manufacturing business to improve safety, quality and reduce non value added waste.

Tania Smith, Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Tania Smith

Finance & Administration Manager

Tania began her career in 1992 as the Receptionist with Dale B Elphinstone Pty Ltd.  Tania joined Southern Prospect Pty Ltd, now part of Elphinstone Pty Ltd, when it commenced in 2006.  In 2016 Tania was appointed as the Finance and Administration Manager for Elphinstone’s Tasmanian manufacturing entities.

Tania has a Bachelor Degree in Commerce.  She has been a member of CPA Australia for over 10 years and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  In 2016, Tania completed a Graduate Certificate in Lean Management Systems at the University of Tasmania.