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Based in Tasmania, Australia, Elphinstone Pty Ltd is an authorised Caterpillar OEM and a leading manufacturer of quality products for the global underground and surface mining industries. The product range includes specialised Underground Mining Support Vehicles, the Mine Extraction Device (MED), and surface mining solutions including the Haulmax 3900 extended distance off-highway haulage trucks and W35 Water Tank Modules to suit Caterpillar articulated trucks.

The Elphinstone range of products combines practical design, the latest technology and quality manufacturing to ensure reliable performance. Elphinstone is also a producer of Electrical Harnesses and Ezi Boots, operating the latest in modern technology at each stage of the manufacturing process. Our range of finishing equipment allows us to fully customise your products. As an authorised Caterpillar Original Equipment Manufacturer, all Elphinstone products can also be sold and supported via the global Cat dealer network


Elphinstone WR810 Underground Water Cannon