Focus on renewable energy and resources

Elphinstone Sustainable Energy & Engineering Solutions (formerly Southern Prospect) offers niche manufacturing and engineering support solutions locally, nationally and internationally.

Our manufacturing focus is based on extensive experience in the sustainable energy and resource sector and is backed up by formal business, technical and process qualifications.

By utilising our extensive knowledge of LEAN and Six Sigma principles and continuous improvement in partnership with our customers, we deliver the following products and services:

  • Design and manufacture of diesel generator packages and remote area power supply systems
  • Stand alone, off grid, hybrid power supply for both stationary and transportable applications
  • 3D design and modelling capability
  • Acoustic enclosures, fuel supply and control systems
  • Service literature, documentation writing and printing
  • Electrical harness design and manufacture
  • Specialist experience in mobile underground mining equipment applications
  • Harness documentation and schematics
  • Wire printing using Komax Zeta 633

Elphinstone Sustainable Energy & Engineering Solutions
Elphinstone SEES Facility: Terra Nova Drive, Wynyard Tasmania

Elphinstone Sustainable Energy & Engineering Solutions